The Third Dimension

Restoring natural resources and the environment to rebuild communities

A “3D” rainforest produces 200 tons of biomass per acre per year. The best harvest from our “2D” flatland farms yield 4 tons per acre per year. That’s the promise of The Third Dimension. If we use the space and resources available, we can grow an abundance of food and fuel. It is possible to feed 10, or even 12 billion people on planet earth with healthy and tasty food without destroying the environment. In fact, in the process, we can restore much damage done, put nature back on its evolutionary path, generate millions of jobs, and rebuild communities.

This book shows how the world economy and our societies are transforming by following 12 emerging trends. These trends embody a natural systems approach to evolution. After centuries of linear thinking, seeing and accepting the potential for growth in non-linear ways poses a challenge for us. You cannot “plan” a rainforest, but once you get a rainforest going, change is deeper, more fundamental, and more rewarding than anything that could have been achieved through old-fashioned planning. The scale of the burgeoning transformation captured in the 12 trends of The Third Dimension is beyond anything we have ever been able to imagine.

by Gutner Pauli with Jurriaan Kamp
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