Communication at the speed of light and the emergence of the internet of people

Argentina is a nation at crossroads. The country is a very successful food exporter. At the same time, Argentina faces major challenges including high unemployment, malnutrition in certain portions of society while Internet connectivity remains a privilege of a few. Economic success fails to reach all layers of society. The good news is that Argentina has a huge potential to increase its productivity using waste and untapped resources the country has in abundance. This book identifies 10 innovative business models that will transform the nation. It shows that dramatic shifts in food, energy, mining, paper and communications can respond to the needs of the people while leading the economy towards sustainability. These 10 cases present attractive opportunities for investors searching to become “captains of legacy” and will put Argentina on the map as an inspiring example and leading pioneer for other countries—aiming for economic transformation—to follow.

by Gutner Pauli with Jurriaan Kamp
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